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Hey guys and welcome to Monday!  

It's a new week and a new month, so I have a BRAND NEW shoot that I just did here for you and since it's now (almost) April and the weather is getting warmer, I thought it would only be appropriate that I get LESS clothing on and put my big tits into something really revealing and do something by the pool! ;-)

I have a very sexy and saucy new pink striped bikini here and it actually kind of sorta fit... in a way!  What's nice about bikinis is that they usually stretch and with a string version like this one, I can kind of slide the triangles back and forth to get some coverage... but then again, coverage isn't exactly what you guys want to see, now is it? LOL...

Not to worry, there is plenty of "uncovering" to come!

​xoxoxo -- Tessa

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