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Added: June 1, 2015
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Hey, hey everyone and welcome to a new month of brand new shots and videos!

This is one of those semi-rare occassions where the first day of the month coincides with the first day of the work week (that being Monday) so here we go again with some more great poolside bikini shots of me and my all-natural big tits! :-)

It is summer time, so that makes for the perfect time of year for great bikini shots... I always love to get some sunshine on my big tits and try to erase these tan lines.  My skin is pretty fair, so I get lines and color easily... 

Unless you guys LIKE the tan lines?  Maybe?  I don't know... it has kind of a 70's/80's Playboy look, I think. LOL>

Have a great week and more goodies are on the way!

xoxoxo -- Tessa

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