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Added: July 13, 2018
Runtime: 03:17
Score: 4.7/5.0


  • 2 years ago, @warelock said: Wow, that's a lot of breast to play with ! I love watching Tessa as her breasts get bigger and softer and heavier over time !
  • 3 years ago, @KerrBox92 said: just wow
  • 3 years ago, @Andy66 said: Schönes Video, aber ich stimme hier den anderen Nutzern zu, du hast eine herzliche Persönlichkeit und die Videos in denen du lachst und du selbst sein kannst sind die besten. Ich würde mich über mehr solcher Videos freuen😉
  • 3 years ago, @divinyl said: Now this is what we all came to see. I know it's an older vid and the focus lately has been on a sexier side of Tessa, and we're not complaining because these sexy vids have been great. Buuut, please, don't forget where you came from. Tessa won over the world with her girl next door charm and I'd hate for you guys to forget that that's always a been a big part of the appeal. Her bubbly personality, her cheesy sense of humor (she went out for her birthday dressed as a quarter, how god damned adorable is that?) this has always been a big deal to us which is way you constantly get bombarded with comments demanding more candid content. It seems counter intuitive that a bunch of guys gathered to marvel at the worlds best set of boobs would be so hung up on a girls personality, but there you have it, Tessa is no ordinary girl.
  • 3 years ago, @Samantharoze said: Great Body, Hot Boobs and yummy
  • 3 years ago, @thestu13 said: Love it! I miss the days you were doing more candid, webcam videos. These new artistic shoots are great, but one of the best parts of your site is your personality! I hope you consider doing more candid videos!
  • 3 years ago, @ABmatsui said: good!!!
  • 3 years ago, @user75707 said: Finally a video where Tessa looks into the camera. Sadly it's not very long. Really need some more videos with Tessa looking into the camera. Would be great to see some oil on those boobs. Maybe even someone that rubs them in for Tessa :)

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