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Tessa Fowler - Fan Outfit Yellow And Gold

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Added: March 27, 2020
Runtime: 07:28
Score: 4.8/5.0


  • 9 months ago, @user9208 said: I will probably need to say sorry because I was thinking of the best way to wish you happy days recently celebrated and was looking at a video, and I had to pause because of the distraction. So I went to try the comment and resume the video. When I went back to the video it was paused at at a time where your boobs were freeze framed, and I got freeze brained. I was saying aloud, are you kidding me? This is...freeze brain again. Finally started video and was just talking still, about the visual and happy birthday stuff, and I was not sure if it was an interruption. But, damn...only you can create that reaction.
  • 9 months ago, @user9208 said: Hey T-Fowl, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BELATED! What's up? How are you? I'm hoping that you might possibly get this message, and if it does go through that you might have time to read it. I just found out that your according to your big....umm, i mean bio, that you had a recent birthday. I am kicking myself because I only came across your bio because of the different way this i had to log in. Different device gave different website design. Happy birthday belated! I am so sorry I didn't see the need to read the bio, or look for it when I joined because of the introduction that is read when I first joined and read about you and the site offering. I would love to tell how long it took to try here for your greeting. I thought o f may have been a better option because I don't know if the other messages went through, because it still says be the comment of specific videos, after I left a comment. We'll see if this works. When I did see the date of your birth, I thought of your frustration with trying stream, and some of things that were mentioned. And so much makes sense. Again, happy birthday tessa. Happy new year as well
  • 2 years ago, @user1307 said: I am just baffled by your current size. What is your cup size at the moment? Maybe a measurement video could clear things up! :)
  • 2 years ago, @Splatman said: Loved this. Please do a set involving smoking again like your Hair Roller Chic set one day. It was my absolute fav.
  • 2 years ago, @derfderf12 said: I love these videos where Tessa shows off her personality as much as her body.

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