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Tessa Fowler - Pink Stripes 1

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Added: June 14, 2019
Runtime: 07:27
Score: 4.9/5.0


  • 2 years ago, @User1307 said: Wow! You look amazing and your boobs look bigger than ever :). What cup size are you now, must be at least 32jj, right?
  • 2 years ago, @Bigmoose said: Pleaaaase do more shoots like this. This was perfection and very similar to the bikini lounge shoot which was one of your best. BTW. I can't forget Tessa. She was so gorgeous and sexy I lost it. Well done PUF. I loved this shoot, ( and TESSA) :-)
  • 2 years ago, @Fanoftessa said: Not about the video, but about all the 'offers' you flash up to other websites. I get it that you're just trying to make some money, but why do you show so many ass-ugly (worse than butt-ugly!) women? Disgustingly fat, ugly faces, ugly tits, ugly everything. In a word - GROSS. Just because some fat, ugly bitch has some big, lumpy, disgusting tits don't make her a star, or even worth 50 cents.

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